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Additional data into the product service for BCP

As we build the shopping pages out for the new Bluestem Commerce Platform (BCP) in eCommerce, we are relying on the Product API for a sizable amount of data. We are missing a few fields that our platform team has indicated are not available to them in the product service. We need these values in the product service to reduce our dependencies on antiquated ways of getting the information and to prevent/reduce throw-away work on BCP.


The additional data we are looking to add into Product service include the following, ranked in priority:

  1. Warranty information
  2. Personalization
  3. Copy links

BCP is currently the #1 priority ranked by the execs for eCommerce and is also a gating item to begin eCommerce work on Mervyn's and the Orchard integration.

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  • Dec 11 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Vince Jones
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