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Ensure all private brand products are certified before they ship

Currently we inform CH Robinson of products that require certification by an overnight feed that they receive from us for each PO. Under each product listed on the PO there is a Y or N indicating if a certification is required or not.

This Y or N ends up on the PO as follows... When vendors set up products in the portal, they answer a general QA statement in selling features. The statement is "CPSC Certification Documents", and the vendor will select "true" or "false" from a drop down (i.e. we trust the vendor to accurately indicate whether certification is required). If the vendor indicates "false", a "N" is added to the PO, nothing else happens, and the product ships without documentation. If the vendor indicates "true", PIM stores. If an imported PO is written, a "Y" is added to the PO (tied to that product), so that CHR looks for the certification documents before letting the product ship.

We believe there is an opportunity here to expand what CHR is looking for to help us ensure that all of our vendors are following Bluestem guidelines (and not just the ones that are required by law). We will do this by requiring all of our private brands to be certified with either a government required general certificate of conformity (GCC) or with a Bluestem required non-regulated GCC.


  • Change the options with the drop down under the CPSC question. Similar functionality as "true" value. We have not settled on the exact verbiage, as we think the whole question will have to change, and the true and false changed to actual answers.
  • Systematically make all products that are set up as private brand be required to have a non-regulated GCC. If while going through their set up they indicate that a government required GCC is needed (this would be indicated when they complete the CPSC cert doc question), it would then change to that. Doing it this way would not require us to change any question, but we would need to add the same functionality to the private brand question that we have on the CPSC question.

Business would prefer Option 2.

Higher priority item from a Private Brand standpoint.

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  • Feb 25 2015
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