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Systematically manage bulk vendor cost/item status changes

With a larger assortment of products, we're being exposed to an increase of cost change/retail price maintenance/item status changes. With deeper, and less managed, assortments, it may not be necessary to scrutinize each retail simply to retain the same margin when the cost changes. 

With this process, business would like:

(1) To automate the loading of cost/item status changes from vendors (currently a manual process to create and load a bulk cost change file by MerchOps) into PIM and Oracle without MerchOps having to prepare a bulk file. [This is INTMER-I-74]

(2) A simple review/approval workflow process (i.e. indicates cost change %, as well as suggested retail change needed to retain current retail margins) to manage any approvals or errors that occur. [This is INTMER-I-74]

(3) The ability to set thresholds based on certain criteria to determine when cost updates can be approved and applied automatically without internal review. This will allow us to apply cost updates more efficiently and quickly. [This is INTMER-I-78]

(4) A way to view and manage all of the cost changes that come through from multiple sources (e.g. either via VP once SOW 51 is completed in March 2016, or through this new automated bulk cost change process). Users would have the ability to see things like: (a) current state (b) current revenue and/or margin (c) changes (d) needs approval or not, etc. This would also include any errors that occur. #4 and #2 are related. This would result in better price management and transparency. [This is INTMER-I-80]

(5) Daily frequency (currently MerchOps loads/updates once per week). Partners are sending these in daily but we do not have the means to manage the frequency of these changes. Orchard is managed weekly as well. [This is INTMER-I-76]

(6) Additional methods for providing information beyond excel. Cumbersome for automation and not user-friendly for larger vendors. Need additional options (e.g. XML, CSV, API). [This is INTMER-I-72]

(7) Create reports for the cost/item status changes that come in (similar to Cost Match and No Match Reports already in play today)

Tied to Feature MerchOps-34 ("systematically manage vendor cost changes").

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  • Feb 26 2015
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