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Business Rule to Auto-Set Forecasting End Date upon discontinuing a product

When a product is discontinued... Step 1 is to set the Status to Discontinued, Step 2 is to set the Forecasting End Date (which is by brand = x3). Discontinuing a product should be a single step. This would make the process more efficient for users. In addition, users need to remember to do Step 2 today, which increases the potential for errors. We would modify the existing Business Rule for Category Status to make this a single step. When setting Status to Discontinued, Forecast End Date would automatically set to the current date. In special cases where the Forecast End Date needs to be out further than the current date, users would still be allowed to change the date and/or perform a bulk load for those exceptions.

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  • Feb 26 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Gina Sprenger
Functional area(s) impacted Merchandising
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