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Business Rule to Auto-Set the Business Planning Hierarchy

Currently Business Planning values need to be manually assigned in PIM by the Buyer after promoting the product from the Portal to PIM. Goal would be to remove this extra step the Buyer needs to perform in PIM by creating a Business Rule in the Portal that auto-sets the business planning values. 60% would be able to be auto-set, 40% would not. When Buyer works product in Portal, they will see Business Planning has already been set. Buyer can either "promote" as-is or change. If not auto-set, Buyer would have to set in Portal. When promote to PIM, we would use the attribute already in Portal as the input (rather than the auto-mapping table), and PCS won't have to go back in and reset. No extra work for PCS team after the fact.

Higher priority than the "Business Rule to set User assignments" idea. 

AE-1476 story opened for this.

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  • Feb 26 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Gina Sprenger
Functional area(s) impacted Merchandising
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