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Business Rule to set User assignments to products from the Business Planning Hierarchy

(a) Currently user assignments to products (Buyers, Inventory Analysts, etc...) are assigned in PIM at the Product level. When a user is reassigned categories, every product associated with that category needs to be updated individually to the new user. Updating user assignments by Category vs. Product (using the Business Planning Hierarchy) would require only a single setting update vs. thousands of updates at the product level.

(b) 60-70% of items are able to be auto-mapped from content to Business Planning (e.g. content taxonomy is not gender-driven [fashion], but Business Planning is). For 30-40% of items today, PCS has to go into PIM and manually set the Business Planning hierarchy and the user after the item is promoted from the Portal to PIM. Would like to modify the Business Rule to auto-set the user in order to be able to auto-set the user for more items.

(c) As users change, would like there to be an auto-update process to update the assigned user for existing items.

Lower priority than the "Business Rule to auto-set Business Planning Hierarchy" idea.  

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  • Feb 26 2015
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