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Provide initial retail only when extending a product to a brand

Products are not always extended or ranged to all brands.  In today's model the user is notified of a subsequent ranging (to additional brands) after the item/outdated price has been ranged and added to RPM. This subsequent range is blocked from exporting the retail since it is most likely not current. Ideally what should occur is when the subsequent ranging is performed in PIM, the user is forced to submit a current initial retail. Thru a separate Oracle integration tool, Oracle would route this change and perform an update to the initial retail for the brand.

This has been previously discussed with the Atlas project team as Change Request #16.  Paula/Mano have started some investigation on how this would work in Oracle.  PIM functional specs have been started (attached) but not yet shared pending successful Oracle analysis.

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  • May 12 2015
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