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New PIM Business Rule to remove duplicate GTINs when a clearanced SKU is reintroduced

Business problem:

  • Winter boots from last season are put on clearance.
  • Buyer decides at least 1 style of these boots will be brought back for next season.
  • The boot gets a new SKU (since it was previously put on clearance).
  • The boot has the same GTIN from last season since it is the same product.
  • The business user assigns the GTIN to the new SKU in PIM.
  • The SKU will not integrate from PIM to RMS because GTIN is associated with both old SKU and new SKU. 
  • Result is duplicate GTIN error in RMS.

Atlas A2A will be implementing a workaround in the PIM-to-RMS integration (see requirement BRD-26.1).  This request is for a "root cause" solution  in PIM.  The process above and the integration change in A2A also relies on a script to be run to remove the duplicate GTIN in PIM.

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  • May 13 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Gina Sprenger
Functional area(s) impacted Merchandising
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