Ideas for Merchandising Ops

Include manufacturer contact information in the product details on the website

  • The goal in providing this info on the website would be for when customers have additional questions about a product that we don’t have – or if they need to have a product serviced
    • Currently the customer would contact FH/GTN customer service first and we need to refer them to contact the manufacturer – this causes confusion and frustration as they weren’t able to get their question answered and now need to complete another phone call.
  • We are currently advocating for the customer to contact the manufacturer for any product issues outside of the 30 day trial period – or for product information outside of what we have on file
  • If we could include manufacturer warranty info as well as phone and/or email that would be wonderful
  • Terry Hanek
  • Aug 21 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Gina Sprenger
Functional area(s) impacted Customer Engagement, eCommerce, Merchandising
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