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Competitive Pricing Price Export

Update from Soo on 7/1: we’ve decided not to move forward with this step since we are able to get pricing info elsewhere without needing to send it directly to our vendor [closing this idea for now]


Our competitive pricing vendor is looking to see whether we can send (to their FTP server) them weekly pricing data on our items (both GTN and FHT) rather than scraping our sites to collect that data. The vendor would need prices for all product codes that are live on our sites (GTN and FHT) on a weekly basis.

This would alleviate traffic on our sites (the vendor scrapes our sites once per week) and have cost savings.

Likely that the feed would come from RPM.

Note: need more info from Soo and/or Gabe on the cost savings associated with this request.

  • Terry Hanek
  • Jun 18 2015
Executive Sponsor (required) Gina Sprenger
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